3D Prints Gallery
Overall shot of the prints, posing nicely in front of our dvd collection.
Like many people, the first thing we printed was a whistle. Its rather crude, as neither the software or our printer was fully working yet. However, it does still work.
Two very small, cute, infinite paperclips. The design is from i-materializer.
A print out of a castle based on Hasselholt
Original 3d model by; http://wolthera.tumblr.com/
Touch ups and extra detail by; Thomas Wrobel (aka Me)
Same as above, but with its smaller younger brother.
Well, an earlier file version , some geometry issues in the mesh made the tower look weird
This creature was concieved,designed,modeled and painted by Bertine
Basicly all the IPs belong to her.
The evolution of the above print
We noticed the Ultimaker robot was lacking a Sombrero.
This was clearly a design error, so we added one.
Trees because....why not?
Unfortunately the tree without any leafs broke. Which is a shame, as the printers errors on that scale actually contributed nicely to the "twiggy" look of it
A highly dangerious throwing star
Do not use without ninja supervision
All prints above were printed on a Ultimaker and coloured by hand.

If you like, you can see our episode on 3D Printing here: