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3D Printers

Episode 9: In this episode we look at 3D Printers, while our Ultimaker prints out a mysterious object.
TV Intros & Paperclips

Episode 8: In this episode, we take a look at what makes a good TV-intro, great. Also...paperclips

A rejected review from our achieve, recycled and polished up for a bonus feature!

HTC Smartphone vs....

Episode 7 of our review show out now :)
I review a blob, and bertine blows stuff up.
HTC Smartphone vs....

The last gen vs The Next Gen! Just how far has our technology come?
Penumbra Title Screen

After our completely intentional break, we are back, this time Thomas reviews a ferry in authentic 90s YouTube quality.

A short tribute video in celebration of Samus's 25 year anniversary.

Penumbra Title Screen

Sorry this was late! In this episode Thomas gets studied playing Penumbra

In the third episode of the Random Review Show we look at... third episodes.

In the second episode, we take a look at the Nintendo 3DS.

In the first episode of the random review show we test out a load of energy drinks as well as reviewing the often overlooked genius that is bread.

Our half hour review of this challanging metroidvania style wiiware game.

The making of documentary for the Little Big Adventure swede (linked below). Its just a little bit silly.....

A zero budget fan-film of the videe game "Little Big Adventure" (known in some area's as Relentless).
Be sure to also check out the making-of documentary :)
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